MYTH is a collaborative project between Mad Brains and Srabi Machine. Brains describes the EP as an experiment with something completely different, a new genre completely, a significant contrast to his previous project ‘Zades’. His close friendship with Srabi inspired the whole movement. They would spend hours together jumping round like teenage girls when they developed new sounds and ideas together. Srabi’s experimental production allowed Mad to explore new flows and inspired a whole new sound for Mad Brains as an artist.

The name MYTH relates to the characters of both Brains and Srabi. They are both reclusive, detached and unique individuals to the point where sometimes it seems like they don’t exist. The songs on the EP relate to the concept of being detached from reality touching on subjects of alternate universes constructed of musical sounds and sleepless nights inspire

the harsh yet ghostly & ever-present specters of love, death, our place in the universe, the shadows of our own subconscious

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